I have been in the Money Business all of my Career. Starting with being a Dealer, Pit Boss, Eye in the Sky & outside Security in a number of Casinos in Las Vegas & on a Cruise Ship, from 1971 until 1979.

I left the Casino business to pursue a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Career with a Mentor that I have never found an equal to in my over 28 years in the business.

I placed Hundreds of Millions in Commercial Loans for over 5 years.

I then pursued a Builder/Developer Career for a few years & built 400 Houses in Texas.

But always an Investor in Real Estate to a large degree.

I moved to Cabo Mexico over 3 years ago & found what I believe to be theĀ BEST Real Estate opportunity I have ever found or heard about!

I am a Broker & Investor here.

Real Estate Investor-38 years
Real Estate Broker-28 years

  • Several Countries

Robert Jones
(Like the Golfer)

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