Home Depot Opens in Cabo

Home Depot Opens in Cabo San Lucas

by James Glove

    Home Depot has arrived in the Los Cabos corridor just outside of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Many of those from the U.S.A. is already very familiar with the huge selection of building materials and tools that Home Depot has and it is stocked just like a store in the states.

    I just returned from the inauguration ceremonies and the official Grand Opening for the Home Depot of Los Cabos will Thursday the 27th of October at 7:00 am. They are still working day and night to get the finishing touches on the parking and entrance areas ready but the shelves are well stocked and the employees are trained and ready.

The Home Depot carries a variety of appliances, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, lighting, tools, and general building materials that most Mexicans cannot believe. The world of Baja Sur is definitely changing and changing very fast. While at the ceremonies I ran into many a contractor, builders, realtors, landscapers, architects, and a variety of other business persons.

Everyone in Los Cabos seems to be anxiously awaiting the chance to start purchasing. In fact, many people were disappointed they couldn’t begin buying tonight at the ceremony. I myself have been remodeling our home office for www.BajaInsider.com and www.LosCabosInsider.com for months and I, as many other people put off the projects till the store was opened.

The Home Depot management didn’t want me to photograph anything inside as of yet but all the employees are easy to spot in their orange uniforms and work aprons. The customer service and credit departments are all ready to receive your applications and deal with any questions you may have. English seems to be spoken by most of the employees.

The new Home Depot is located just east of the now already year-old COSTCO, located in the Los Cabos Corridor just outside of Cabo San Lucas. The store has a nursery and lumber section as in the stateside stores with contractor pricing for all. The prices are somewhat higher than in the states on some things but in many cases, we found them surprisingly low on other items. The wood prices seem to be the same or maybe higher than we already have in the local distributors but the selection and inventory is much, much greater.

Believe me with the convenience and fairly reasonable pricing this store is going to be visited by all very soon. We will have some more pictures and information concerning the store in the next few days. I have been told if you apply for credit you may receive an additional 20% discount but I was not able to get official confirmation as of yet. I do know the credit application asks for a lot of banking and tax information so it will take a little work to put it all together but it sounds as if it will be worth it.

Whether it be a major construction job, a remodel or just a good old Baja project people are finally going to find the selection and assistance that we have grown accustomed to in the U.S.A.

Construction and remodeling in Baja Sur is going to be much easier because of this great selection and inventory that Home Depot is famous for. All of us who have lived here and have done some construction or home improvement projects in Baja Sur know how hard it can be just to find 20 bolts of the same size or enough parts to a lighting or irrigation system for example without having to run around the whole city.

The management also assured me that they will have the same very easy return policy and friendly customer service that is in all of their stores. I know for those that live in Northern Baja that this is not big news. They already have several of these stores in the north but for us, at Land’s End, this is truly a major improvement in our lifestyle.

So happy building to all and be sure to take a look at our building in Baja series in the Baja Insider if you have not already done so.

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