Condos and Houses

Americans & Canadians are moving to Cabo Mexico at a flow never before seen! 

The Baby Boomers are retiring and choosing Mexico as their # 1 retirement destination point! 

Those that stay in their Home Countries already have 2nd Homes & Condos in Mexico, with many more continually vacationing here. 

We have many Condos & Houses. Do you know when the Best time to buy a Condo or House is??? Pre-Construction & during Construction! 

The properties are NEW & at the lowest prices, they will ever be! All of our Condos & Houses. are Ocean Front or Ocean View. The Construction in Mexico is Superior. Generally, steel-reinforced concrete, that lasts for many decades. If you are not a Builder/Developer, or a Land Investor & are a Consumer, wanting a Great deal on a Condo, or House, call us & Buy new! 

Thank you,
Robert Jones 


We have both Developer Financing & Bank Financing available. 

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