The Future


As a result of all of this area development activity, all new roads and utilities will then become available to our Parcels #1 — #7, altering forever these subdivided Parcels from ocean view Lots with no utilities available into an ocean view Lots with all new roads and all utilities available in an area of increasing development activity at increases in value which can only be guessed at — and all future growth will radiate out from these development centers…

The widening of MX Highway #19 is already well underway from La Paz in the north all the way through Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas in the south, so the existing MX #19 connecting Cabo with Todos Santos and La Paz and fronting our Project sites will go from a simple 2-lane highway to a 4-lane, limited access divided highway with completion expected within 2-3 years.


Gaming is coming to CaboMX! And will be legal and “in place” about 1½ years from now – Imagine “Las Vegas on the Beach” a few short years from now – and plans are well underway to locate this initial Resort/Casino on Migrino Beach about halfway between CaboMX and our project site at Cerritos Beach along Pacific Coast Highway #19.

A new International Airport has been approved for the Pacific side! And by early 2007 the Developer Group will be on Wall Street putting together an I.P.O. to raise the initial funding required…


Massive Tourist Development – 15 New Hotels, 8 New Golf Courses — the Works! A group of Local, American, and French developers invited Governor Narcisco Agundez for a power breakfast where they showed off their upcoming tourist project. It’s huge, folks, as in 5,750 acres of hotels, condos, golf courses, malls, and residences along the Pacific side of Cabo on the road to Todos Santos and La Paz.


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