Brokers and Bird Dogs

I hope you got a laugh out of the picture! On a more important note, there is Unlimited Money to be made in Cabo! Primarily, I work with 3 groups;

  1. Investors
  2. Builders & Developers
  3. Consumers

For Investors, we have Lots, Land Parcel Acquisitions, smaller Building projects & multiple Condos & Houses Inventory at a discount in bulk. 

For the Builders & Developers, first the Land Acquisition & then they can take their time to put together a project & Development with the Architects, Planners, etc. 

For the Consumer, there are whole ownership Condos & Houses & Fractionals of both. They of course are best acquired in Pre-Construction for the best prices upfront & more profit in resale. 

For the Broker (Referrals) & Bird Dogs, I can do very generous splits, better than the U.S.! You can be paid in the U.S. or Cabo. It varies based on the deal itself. You DO NOT need to be Licensed in Real Estate to receive commissions in Mexico! As you know, or should know, Mexico is an “Emerging Market” with a very bright Future for the next 20 years with really no end in sight. If you are serious & have “Real Clients” we can work together here for a long time. 

Everything we do is Ocean Front or Ocean view. The BEST Real Estate, the most popular & the best Resale value. How would you have like to bought Land in California on or near the Ocean right after WW 2??? That is where Cabo is today. 

Thank you,
Robert Jones, Broker 

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