Terry Bradshaw

Former Tech great was subject of death rumors in February By Jimmy Watson


April 3rd, 2007


Listen to Terry Bradshaw’s complete press conference

RUSTON ―Terry Bradshaw was standing on the 14th green on the El Dorado Golf Course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in February when he learned he had reportedly passed away.

Apparently, someone had misconstrued local media accounts that a person had been killed on the Terry Bradshaw Passway in Shreveport. Word quickly spread nationwide that Bradshaw had “passed away.”

The Times received calls from a large number of readers asking if the rumors were true. They weren’t, and Bradshaw is glad of it.

“It’s great to be alive,” said a chuckling Bradshaw shortly after finishing his round of golf on Monday at the 2007 Terry Bradshaw/Kix Brooks Golf Classic Squire Creek Country Club.

The third annual event is held each spring to raise money for Tech athletics.

Bradshaw said it was unfortunate that someone died on the passway, but the rumors of his own demise caused him a great deal of consternation.

“I had enough really good friends who dialed me up, but I couldn’t find my parents,” Bradshaw said.

“I was worried about the shock it would have (on them). I was worried about ’em because they’re soon coming up on 80.”

The city’s most famous alumnus finally reached his uncle.

“I knew if they’d heard I’d died, he would be the first one they’d call,” Bradshaw said. “He was beside himself when he heard my voice.”

But Bradshaw didn’t hear from everyone he expected to hear from.

“I was a little upset that some people I hoped would miss me when I died, didn’t check up on me,” he said tongue-in-cheek. “That kinda made me mad.”

Prior to meeting with the media on Monday, Bradshaw made a quick tour of his donations, including Super Bowl rings, to Tech’s Charles Wyly Athletic Center.

“I’ve probably received more publicity for this than for anything I’ve done,” he said. “People have been shocked that I would donate these things.”

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