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Los Cabos is home to two distinct towns: Cabo San Lucas and San Josè del Cabo. Both are safe, clean, and have modern services like bank machines, good medical facilities, cellular telephone providers, and Internet cafes. English is spoken in hotels and most stores and restaurants.

    Before Departure

US Citizens are required to show proof of citizenship when traveling to and from Mexico. Each visitor will need a valid picture I.D. and one of the following:

a) State issued Birth Certificate with an affixed seal;
b) Naturalization Certificate, with laminated Naturalization Card or a valid US passport. (Expired passports are not valid.)

For additional information on obtaining the proper documents for your travel to Mexico, please visit Passports and

Upcoming Change in Entry/Departure Requirements

Beginning on Dec 31st, 2006, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative requirements will be such that all U.S. citizens will be required to present a valid U.S. passport or other accepted identification when entering or departing the United States via air-sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada. Please visit the U.S. Department of State’s official Travel Initiative Web page for more information.

    Upon Arrival in Mexico

En route to Los Cabos, you will receive the Mexico Tourist Card and a Mexico Customs Declaration form to be filled out prior to arrival in Los Cabos. Each visitor, including infants and children, must be in possession of a Tourist Card. The Mexico Tourist Card should be kept with your ticket as it will be needed when checking in for your return flight.


In addition to possessing one of the forms of documentation mentioned above, an unaccompanied US or Canadian citizen under 18 years of age:

Is required to possess a notarized letter signed by both parents giving permission for the minor to travel alone.

If traveling with one parent, he or she must have a notarized letter from the absent parent, giving permission for the traveling parent to take the minor out of the country or an original court order indicating that the traveling parent has full custody.

If the minor is traveling with one parent, and the other is deceased, the deceased parent’s Death Certificate must be presented. (Immigration requirements subject to change by Mexican Government.)

    At the Airport

After clearing Immigrations and Customs with your baggage, proceed to the airport lobby area. CAUTION – There will be timeshare representatives tempting you with freebies as you walk past them. Unless you are seriously interested or would like to spend at least two hours of your precious vacation time while a salesperson tries to sell you a timeshare, do not waste your time! You will find car rental desks, taxis, and transfer companies just outside of the Customs area.

    Departing Cabo

After checking out of your accommodations, make sure you get off to the airport in time to check your luggage and catch your departing flight on time! Please be sure you have the proper documentation, especially the MEXICO TOURIST CARD.

    To Our Customers…

Los Cabos is a unique part of Mexico filled with a variety of activities, friendly people, and many cultural experiences. We hope you will discover and enjoy the immense beauty of Los Cabos and find your accommodations pleasurable. We pride ourselves in offering the finest properties in Los Cabos.

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