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Having been a Builder/Developer for a time, I know what you’re looking for, Great prices for the land acquisition, Speed of getting permits, and extremely low labor costs, which means less out of pocket & more profit for you at the time of sale, much of it in the pre-sales/pre-construction phase.

    In 28 years as a Broker, I have seen Las Vegas, Nevada, Southern California & Arizona go through their hot markets being a Broker in all 3 states. They are not hot now, nor is most of the Country & most say a turnaround won’t happen until 2010, if then. Why not check out the hottest market in Mexico? All of Mexico is booming, but Cabo is at the top of the Real Estate markets in Mexico, which is why I am here. We can get you parcels, Ocean Front to Ocean View, from 5 Acres up to 1,000 Acres, ideal for building & making huge profits.

Thank you,
Robert Jones


There are several options you can consider: 

  • You can buy the Land only from us, with Title Insurance (Stewart, First American, etc.). Build now, in whole, or in part, or to Build, or Flip later.
  • Buy the Land & we will also get you the permits.
  • Buy the Land & we will get the permits & build & manage the project for you & do the Marketing & Sales for you. (Complete Turn-Key Development)
  • In other words, we can J.V. with you to whatever capacity you want & all other options considered.

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